Macro Bellows Project 2010  

This set of photos need a little explanation.

I wanted a Macro Focusing Bellows to improve my skills and understanding of macro photography. I also wanted the bellows to allow all the auto function of my camera and lenses to work. After doing a little shopping I found out it would cost $900 to $1000 to buy such a device. Well, at my current state of income that's was not going to happen. So after giving it a lot thought and looking around on the internet I got the idea that I could build a Macro Bellows myself.

I looked on EBay and found most of the parts to do the job. I found an old EOS 850 Canon for $.99. Then I found a Rollei Bellows that I bought for $40. I had an old Sigma EOS lens that didn't work. All I had to do was remove the camera end of the Sigma lens and the lens receptacle from the old camera and mount them to the Rollei Bellows. Oh ya, I had to rig up the electrical pass through. The rest was strip the parts down and cut and grind, epoxy, and solder the wires and connectors and paint. I made some wrong turns, but after 3 weeks of work and testing the damn thing works pretty good. The next time the sun comes out I plan to find some bugs or flowers and give it a real test drive.

To see the progress photos Click Here